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15th February 2004 – 07:07:07 PM
198 : Uncle Wilfred
When you coming down to hook kupopo? Get plenty now. Call me when you come Oahu.

09th February 2004 – 10:56:03 PM
197 : Uncle Wilfred & Auntie Lynn
Hi Tadash, howzit goin? Just thought we’d drop in to say “Hi.” So, Hi and love to all.

09th February 2004 – 01:46:39 AM
196 : Marj S. Dela Cruz
Hafa Adai from the Marianas Islands. I’m looking around to get my husband a uke because he loves music so much. I really don’t know what I’m doing, but I do know that you guys are one of the best.Please help. Aloha.

01st February 2004 – 12:16:39 PM
195 : Tim Vogel
Purchased a 6 string footprint tenor while on the big island. Beautiful to look at, a joy to play, and great, bright sound. Love it.

27th January 2004 – 09:52:32 PM
194 : darren
Greetings from the mainland,
I’m in the market for a ukulele. Never played one but have played guitar most of my life. I love the sound of the uke and the folkish songs that can be sung at the campfire.
Any advice you can give me on my search would be greatly appreciated. I grew up surfing in California an admit that I am a bonafied haoule! (Respect the locals!) Thanks again for any advice.

26th January 2004 – 09:37:25 AM
193 : Oyang Seseray
I’m very very glad and interested in seeing what you have done with ukulele. Ukulele was the first music instrument I knew. Since these past 40 years we almost lost our ukulele playing here in Papua (formerly Irian Jaya, the western part of New Guinea siland). I have been spending the last 45 minutes to go around your web-site. I actually am interested in buying one of your ukulele, but I am here far away, and have no money. So I want to thank you and pray that you will keep your ukulele sounding all over the world. God bless you.
Your Pacific Islander brother
Oyang Seseray
P.O. Box 350
Sentani 99352

05th December 2003 – 03:17:02 AM

26th November 2003 – 04:02:52 AM
191 : Jay Perez
I want to buy a uku, and I want to learn the cords. How much would a KK uku cost.

17th November 2003 – 03:16:08 PM
190 : tricks
hi jimmy
i really miss you i hope your doing fine, i’ll see you soon. keep up the hard work!

angels east angels west
north and south do your best
guide him watch while he rests

07th November 2003 – 09:23:36 AM
189 : Mary Ann
Need Mahalo Uke U-320P
If you sell this, please quote price and shipping cost.
Thank You

04th November 2003 – 10:26:59 PM
188 : Kristen Fujita
hey my name is Kristen and i am 12 years old i know how to play the ukulele but i need some help with the cords and i was wondering if you could help. well i hope you get this e-mail because i would like to know more songs than fish n poi and tears on my pillow so could you please e-mail me back at or

23rd October 2003 – 04:41:57 PM
187 : Billy-Bob
Howz it! I stay from Oahu and your guys Uks is da best! I always buy from u guys…you guys get da good kine ah! Keep up da good work for always and forevaz…mahaloz for everything…aloha

23rd October 2003 – 04:39:46 PM
186 : Sarah
Ho bah, your Uks are da bestest! You jam dat stuff ah…keep up da good work k! Your website is NUTZ!

20th October 2003 – 09:35:25 AM
185 : Susan Schrimsher
Just wanted to let you know how beautiful your ukes are. Your Alhoa spirit and you Hawaiian pride shine through in your work. Mahalos

25th September 2003
184 : Aulani Vaughn
Great Site! Makes this old Hawaiian wahine homesick for Kaneohe. Hey, I have a Martin baritone I play all the time. What do you mean by the non-petroleum based polish in your notes on how to take care of your uke? Any particular brand name? I must be lolo here. Mahalo, Aulani Vaughn

16th September 2003
183 : shantel Hardy
hey howzit uncle tadashi I just like say thanks and love you from shantel

07th September 2003
182 : Sheila
Hello Les, I would just like to say that I love your site. I really can’t wait till you bring your creativity to the mainland. If there is anything I can help with up here, don’t hesitate to ask. Oh I forgot to tell you that I love your work and IT IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Well Thank You for everything. Take Care of Youself. Talk to you soon! ByeBye…

22nd August 2003
181 : herbie Yu
How often the Uke building class are offer?

08th August 2003
180 : nina
do you have guitar cords of hoku’s you first belived

31st July 2003
179 : Victor M Rivera
I just came back from Moui and I brough an Ukullele. It there is a video or audio system or course to learn how to tune and play it?

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