Iopa MaunakeaAloha TT Ukuleles, I would like to say that this past year and a half has been wonderful for me and my Bruddah Kuz Ohana. We’d like to thank you for your undying love and support. Your ukulele has been a part of my sound since you gave it to me. It’s been so sounding great and built tough and it feel’s good. I have been so happy with it. I have also seen your ukulele out there in public and seen your craftsmanship improve and evolve to where it is today. I ask that you keep up the good work and to always remember Akua is always’s withus… Tadash and Marisa, I wish you continued success may Akua keep you always’s…
Much Love and Aloha… Iopa K. Maunakea
My name is Jon Taketa and I am the advisor of Hui Kanikapila which is an ukulele/Hawaiian music club at Kea’au High School. I met Les and Marisa Oguma last year through their nephew, whom at the time was a member of my club. He had told me of his aunty and uncle who had their own ukulele manufacturing business right here in the Puna area. With this in mind, I immediately proceeded to meet them and the rest is history.
First of all, they welcomed me with the “Aloha” spirit that typifies their business. It is a reflection in their work as Les was able to identify my needs and proceeded to build me three custom ukulele solely for Kea’au High School. He build 4, 6 and 8 string ukulele with a carved “K” in place of the traditional round soundhole. The work was tedious and time consuming, but with utmost perseverance, he was able to pull it off, which I feel are qualities of a master craftsman.

Les and Marisa know how to cater to their customers, and it makes us that much prouder knowing that they’re located right in our backyard. As time goes on, who knows what else they’ll be able to accomplish. I would recommend them to all walks of life…..young and young at heart, as well as any ukulele enthusiast, whethera beginner or advanced or whether you’re just a collector. To TT Ukulele: Keep up the great work and that awesome “Aloha” spirit.


Having known Mr. Leslie “Tadashi” Oguma, founder of T.T. Ukuleles, for a few years, I’m impressed with his craftsmanship in designing quality “Koa” made ukuleles and others made with different types of wood. His undeniable ability to match and piece together the woodwork gives the finished product a very profound and distinctive look. Growing up learning to play the ukulele over 30 years ago, I can appreciate the effort and dedication Tadashi puts into each ukulele that produces an appealing appearance and sound that is “music to my ears!” Everyone that has ever enjoyed the sound and playing of the ukulele should experience the fine work of this native son of Hawaii!
Dominc Estrada
Hilo, HI

Buying an ukulele from T.T. Ukuleles was the best thing I ever did. My uke is strong, beautiful & hand crafted in the island. The thing that makes me choose T.T. Ukuleles above all others is the quality of their uke & their brilliant residence in their sound.
Janell Warner
Hilo, HI

Carolyn Harp”Aloha…I’m Liko S.C. Harp
I was inspired to have a T.T. Ukulele from Tadashi Oguma & sons. So it is the inspiration to have one and a pride to hold.”
Hilo Hawaii
Aloha Ke Akua

Aloha Leslie and Marisa!
Rory’s Baby-T arrived in Waipahu on Wednesday, 7/25/01 – a little before 12:00 noon but Rory signed for it herself. Rory is happy with the new ukulele. I think the wood is a nice pattern to it as does the body and neck shape etc. I also like the fact that it’s “made in Hawaii” by nice local folks.

Noelle Costa

Aloha Marisa:
I consider this a complement to be asked to give testimony on your product. Thus,

The Windward Mall Makana Auction was held in January 2001 as part of an incentive to boost December retail sales and retain the sales momentum into the January 2001 timeframe (a traditional trough month).

The program was simple: With purchases made from November 1 through December 31, receipts became eligible for 1) Aloha Airlines AlohaPass credits; and 2) as bidding cash for merchandise offered in the auction.

Among all the wonderful prizes that a shopper could bid on was the T.T. Ukulele. The winning bid for the concert ukulele amounted to $17,000 in WWM shopper receipts. When the ukulele was put up for bid our shoppers broke into a frenzy. Your ukulele was very well received by the public, however, especially by a local, Kaneohe resident.

On behalf of Windward Mall, we were very pleased with your product and the attention to the fine details that gave your ukulele a unique look.

Mahalo plenty for the opportunity to work with you and your contribution to our promotion.