Welcome to our shop here at T.T. Ukulele’s. We would like to show you all of the styles Jake Shimabukuroof wood that we use on our ukes. We try to change the look on all of the ukes that we sell to assure you that you will know that’s your ukulele — if it should get stolen or misplaced. All of our ukulele’s are koa with different top sound boards: spruce, mango, lychee, kamani. All of our custom ukulele’s are lifetime warranted. If it should lift or separate from it’s joints, it will be repaired or replaced at our cost. Here’s a little story of how I got introduced to the ukulele:

Living here in Hawaii we used to have a lot of family get togethers. My grandmother used to “bus out” the ukulele and that was it, we ain’t leaving for a long time. Grandma used to jam on that martin uke chalang-a-lang style. Grandma sure could make that uke sing and for her voice, well..just as sweet. Grandpa used to love that song that grandma sang. I can see her in heaven singing it to grandpa. Since then, my mom and my aunty Carol took over. Whenever we get out to Kaneohe, Oahu we still get to hear the sweet sound of those old ukes while family and friends dance hula and just have a good old time.
Boy, do I miss those days. But at the center of all that joy and laughter there it was, a “ukulele.”

Thank you for your time and may the ukulele bring you the sounds of family and friends just having a good old time.
As we say here in Hawaii:

We are very grateful to have our new clients from the company of Castle Finance and Simply Removals for trusting our ukelele products as they are having fun using it in their past time activity.

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